Go go go!

So I haven’t blogged in a while??? Why??? Because life had simply got in the way! But you know what?? I’m OK with it. I’ve definitely noticed that my harder days are getting fewer and father between (not around that special time when Mother Nature calls, then I’m like a woman posesed) and the good days are more consistent and happy, and well, more like the old ME! The me before I had responsibilities, and 2 beautiful children who depend on me to wipe their bums when they can’t be bothered and laugh at their jokes they just made up in the spot that don’t even make sense!

I decided to invest in ME. My work/life balance was poo, my diet was poo, and I believe you get out what you put in, so I had to change. I LOVE going to my dance classes, but between mine and my husbands work schedule, I hadn’t been able to go as much as I wanted. It made me sad. It was my one thing that I did purely for me and I wasn’t even able to do it!  So I decided to take up running as I could fit it in whenever I had the time and it was easy to plan around the girls. I say running, at first it was more like a shuffle. I was a definite novice. I wouldn’t even run for a bus previously, never mind running in public! I had visions of my looking like Phoebe from Friends, arms and legs helplessly flailing around and getting no where fast! 

The hubby bought all my gear for me and helped plan my route for my first run, 2k, down by the river and back. I had to bite the bullet. I was very nervous of running when other people might see me. Would they judge? Laugh even?? I just went for it otherwise I was close to talking myself out of it! And you know what?! It wasn’t half as bad as I expected! Yes ami passed a dog walker and a few cars in the road, but they are concentrating on what THEY are doing. They don’t care what you’re doing, what you look like and how fast you’re going. I was pleasantly surprised! And what surprised me more was that I actually felt GOOD.  

 Over the last few weeks I’ve slowly built up my distance and pace. I’ve even signed up for my first 5k event! I can’t wait!! I’m actually really excited! And what’s more, running has really helped me focus on what’s important. Having that time to clear my head, be in the fresh air and just take in the world. It sounds corny I know, but it’s true. You have to open your eyes and appreciate what’s all around you, and in turn you feel better. Exercise has been proven to release endorphins, the little thingies that make us feel goo inside. And it really does!! You don’t have to run. Go out for a walk. Go to the park. Go fishing. Whatever you fancy. Just do it now, you’ll feel 100% better for it!! 


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