The truth hurts

Today I woke up not exactly in a good mood. You could say ‘I got out the wrong side of bed’, but truth is, I was so far from the “right side” that I could have been sleeping in the bath tub! And equally as uncomfortable. I made Grumpy look more like Little Miss Sunshine! And the worst thing is, I have no idea why! Nothing had happened that morning, I’d had an uninterrupted nights sleep, and it wasn’t time of the month. 

As a mummy, life goes on. No time for pep talks, or reassuring hugs from the hubby! I had 2 hungry beagles to feed who act every time like they haven’t eaten for weeks, 2 children to make breakfast for, trying to keep it together while they informed me they had the wrong bowl or they didnt like “magic hoops’ anymore, even though it was their favourite yesterday! And trying to coax them to get dressed is exhausting when you already have no patience! But the worst part is the anxiety of seeing someone you know at the school gates and have to pretend to be ok. To paint on a smile and hope they don’t see through your facade. THAT is what is most exhausting.

Before I had my 2 gorgeous, funny, creative, angelic, intelligent daughters (they get all that from me obvs) I was Little Miss Sunshine. I always had a smile on my face, a spring in my step and was the embodiment of optimism! I lived my life as if it was straight out of the pages from a Beatrix Potter book. I was everyone’s go to friend if they needed cheering up. My first daughter, Sofia came along, and nothing changed. When Amelia came along, everything changed. I found it hard to adjust to having two children, running a household, building up my mobile business and being the dutiful wife I thought (but wasn’t expected) to be. I was last on the list. 

After the first year, I hardly recognised myself. Hair and make up had made way for an extra 5 minutes in bed. I was irritable, fretful, short fused. The mamouth task of leaving the house and going out with a toddler and a baby filled me so much with dread, I didn’t bother. I’d only forget something anyway! But I had to keep this all under wraps, heavens forbid that my cheerful demener should slip. I was my own worst enemy. I was hard in myself for feeling like that when I had 2 very presciuos things that some people never get. I felt guilty for feeling that way, when I had no reason to, and that in itself made me feel worse! And all this without telling a sole. I didn’t want anyone to know that ‘the happy one’ of the group wasn’t so happy. So I carried on pretending. And I felt like a fraud, which again, added to my problems.

As they say “a problem shared, is a problem halved” and it’s so true. And that’s partly why I’ve written this blog today. It’s not for sympathy, or for anyone to change the way they are around me. Infact, it’s quite the opposite, as I’d be mortally embarrassed if any of my friends were to bring this up in conversation! I did it to lighten the load, the heaviness of keeping the secret, to halve the problem. And it’s already working. Writing this is like self therapy. The cat is well and truly out of the bag now, and as far as I’m concerned, it can find a river somewhere and drown. And I’m usually a big animal lover!

Jokes aside, I’m finally feeling more like my usual Beatrix Potter self these days. I’ve started to make an extra effort with my appearance again, hair make up, nails. It makes me feel good! And I don’t feel guilty for spending a little more time on myself rather than on the girls, as I’m a much better mummy to them now than I was last year in the midst of everything. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the odd day, like today, where I feel a bit flat, or “meh” as all the hip kids are saying, but I don’t give into it anymore. Instead of thinking of all the things I could and should be doing, I’m sat snuggling the girls on the sofa, watching a Disney movie. They are the best antidote I could ever wish for ūüíó


Is there Room on the Broom for me?!

Just got back from taking the girls to see ‘Room on the Broom’ live at our local theatre. There’s something special about going to a theatre, something magical. It’s one of my favourite things to do but don’t get that much time to fit in. I think it comes from studying drama at school and college, and attending a drama school before my dancing took over (but that’s another blog). So I really want to share this magical world with my girls. 

Room on the Broom is Amelia’s favourite book at the moment. We must read it a dozen times a day, so, fair to say, I felt more qualified to be up there narrating the story than perhaps some of the actors! She was totally mesmerised by it all. Sofia was joining in panto style, with great exuberance, as she does everything. Although she was obviously far too grown up to pretend that it was real, as she kept shouting “that man has for his hand inside the dogs head!” Thank goodness that’s where he put it! 

So today is a good day. I managed to get both myself and the girls ready on my own AND on time, which for anyone who knows me, knows this is a massive atchiement. Late for my own funeral springs to mind. I love when we can do these things together as our own little family of 4. It makes me warm and fuzzy and all the other cliches put together, when I look across and see my girls enjoying themselves so much.The hubby had a rare night out last night and stayed over with friends, so I’m not sure it would have been his activity of choice, but I’m sure he will get over it!

We are off to visit my family this afternoon for my sisters birthday. How well the day will go, will depend on my family’s inability to be normal. But that’s a blog I’m not ready to write about yet! I’d need some alcohol first!!!

Today, I am happy!

Enjoy your Sunday 



And so it begins!


My first ever blog post! What am I doing?!

I must ask that question to myself at least 10 times a day, and that’s before I’ve scraped the last of the cold mushy ¬†weetabix from the table, and the carpet, and the fish tank, and the….. how on earth did it get inside her ear?! I thought they said it was “the best way to start your day” hmmm, questionable!

As any mother will tell you, as soon as that lovely little bundle of cells attaches itself ¬†to your uterus, your brain brain becomes mush. “What am I doing?” ¬†” What did I come in this room for?” “What’s my name again?” Sound familiar?!

I’m a 31 year old mother of ¬† 2 beautiful daughters, Sofia is 4 and Amelia , 2 1/2. ¬†21 months between them. ¬†This is my blog about how I am mummy first, always. ¬†I adore my children , my husband, my business as a mobile ¬†beautician, which I have worked so hard to build up,, my dogs, my life, but it’s important to remember who YOU ¬†are as a person. It can get easily lost ¬†in busy day to day life, and I kind of feel that’s what happened to me, so I plan to rediscover myself (sounds so corny) and write about my experiences. ¬†This is all very new to me, so be kind!